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See the Kale Powder package choices to start getting the added health benefits today. Adding a daily scoop into your smoothies or using it with other foods is fast, easy, and affordable, at often less than $0.50/day.

We are what we eat. Growing some of your own food at home, year-round with cost-effective devices from Indoor Garden Technologies, is a great way to save money on veggies, increase nutrition and taste, and improve health for you and your family.


Getting outside for hikes and other activities with organizations like Main Line Nature Guides is a great way to expand your indoor gym experience and increase physical as well as EnvironMENTAL Health.


Tick tock. The LifeWave patch “X39” and other products in their offerings are excellent ways to turn back the clock. Added info and Videos.

Food Deals

Save 50% on food! Here is the homepage for Flashfood:

Click here for the Flashfood App Download

Highlights: The discounted food items vary day-to-day and by the stores that are closest to you. Most of the food is perishable, and the discounts are available, because the food is near its expiration date. This saves you money, and it’s also great for the planet since food waste is a growing issue and contributes to climate change in landfills.

“I’ve been using Flashfood each week since August of 2022, and I often use it more than once a week. If I find food that is a great value, but not right for me to eat at that time, I just freeze all or a portion of it to eat later. In short, the savings is worth a quick click to see what is available. As Flashfood expands, they are increasing their