Acceler Fitness – LUCKY 7 Breakfast Bowl

7 is considered a lucky number for many reasons, including the fact that there are seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Evidence based nutrition does not rely on luck, but it never hurts to combine science with a little luck. Start off the day with a fast, easy, and nutritious breakfast.

Acceler Fitness Lucky 7 breakfast ingredients

Here are the 7 ingredients, that do not require any cooking or blending to save time in preparation and cleaning:

#1: Greek yogurt

#2: Crunchy cereal with plant protein and multigrain clusters

#3: Whole grain rolled oats

#4: Organic berry blend of blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries

#5: Local honey

#6: Cut apples and mango

#7: Chia seeds. Just mix some of each and enjoy.

Acceler Fitness Lucky 7 breakfast bowl

Acceler Fitness TRIPLE PLAY Breakfast Bowl

Here is a short-cut to the LUCKY 7 breakfast bowl with just 3 ingredients:

#1: Yogurt

#2: Berries or Cut Fruit

#3: Chia Seeds

Consider using frozen berries, like blueberries, that are typically less expensive than unfrozen ones. Just pour some of the frozen blueberries in a bowl and quickly microwave them to soften them up. This typically takes less than a minute. Scoop some yogurt into the blueberry bowl and pour in some chia seeds. Mix with a spoon, and this is fast and easy with only one bowl to clean. Note that stores like Costco have great low prices on chia seeds, as well yogurt and frozen berries.

Health advantages of different types of yogurt:

10 advantages of blueberries:

10 advantages of chia seeds:


If you have time in the morning, consider adding eggs to your breakfast. Here are 7 Powerful advantages to eating eggs:

For added nutritional benefits and flavor, consider adding microgreens.

Advantages of microgreens:

Fast, easy, and affordable way to grow microgreens right at home on your windowsill year-round: