Motivational T-shirts

Elevate Your Style and Spirit with the Acceler Fitness line of Motivational T-Shirts. Plus, they make great gifts for family and friends.

Our motivational apparel line started over the summer of 2018, when our founder, Charlie Szoradi, designed the PLAN PLANT PLANET (PPP) shirt and started wearing it around Philadelphia and the New Jersey Shore. The positive response from people inspired Charlie to expand on the messaging below. Please note that 10% of all Acceler Fitness revenue goes to charity. See our Philanthropy initiatives. Shirt colors typically include black, dark heather gray, and navy in sizes from small to 3XL. See the Choices Here and the design highlights on this page.

If you would like a customized front and back design combinations for a shirt, from our portfolio of messages and graphics, or if you have a new idea for a shirt, please Contact Us: There is no added charge for the customization, such as this one that was requested with “PLANT EATER” on the front and “RESPECT” on the back:

Front of Shirts (Multiple Designs)

motivational t-shirts

Click on any of the images or Motivational Gear for apparel color options and sizes.

In a world filled with daily challenges and hurdles, finding inspiration and motivation can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Now, you can wear a source of inspiration right on your own body. Our Motivational T-shirts offer a unique way to express yourself while uplifting and inspiring your spirits and those around you.

Our motivational T-shirts align with values of healthy and sustainable living, and these graphics may reflect who you are:

motivational t-shirt designs

These T-shirts are not just pieces of fabric; they are statements of empowerment, positivity, and sustainable living for people and the planet. Each design carries a message that is aligned with the mission and vision of Acceler Fitness, and one or more of them hopefully resonates with you, to reinforce your strength and potential.

Here are examples of more messages:

motivational t-shirt messages

When you wear our shirts, they can serve as a reminder to set your sights high and conquer your goals with unwavering determination. Such simple yet powerful affirmations can significantly impact your mindset, setting the tone for a day filled with productivity and positivity.

This set of messages further reinforce our mission and vision:

inspirational t-shirt options

The appeal of motivational T-shirts extends beyond personal empowerment. They serve as conversation starters, sparking meaningful interactions and connections with like-minded individuals. Whether you’re at the gym, grocery store, or coffee shop, your T-shirt becomes a source of inspiration, attracting kindred spirits who share your enthusiasm for growth and self-improvement.

The following graphics are our most recent designs. Each of them are now available on apparel, and they reflect one through ten “spokes” on the geometry that places our mother earth at the center. Note that #4 and #8 each have dual options, and specifically #8 carries profound meaning. See our Origin Story.

inspirational t-shirt apparel

Back of Shirts (Typical)

The back of the shirts typically have the Acceler Fitness logo at the top with the eight spoke wheel just underneath it. For the shorts that include one of the “spoke” designs, the back simply includes the Acceler Fitness logo. The graphics below highlight the design placement.

inspirational message t-shirt back


Our Acceler Fitness motivational T-shirts offer more than just stylish

attire; they are vehicles for self-expression, community building, and positive change. By embracing these uplifting garments, you’re not just upgrading your wardrobe – you’re elevating your mindset and spreading positivity wherever you go.

If you have a message that you would like to see on a shirt, please just Contact Us. We review requests for consideration in expanding the line.